A recent poll conducted on a Canadian only facebook page called Vote Canada exposed a trove of angry Canadians in the last week. The poll was posted on July, 22. It’s sitting at over 1,400 voters & the results are staggering. 99% suggesting that Bill Morneau should resign over the WE charity scandal.

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The Conservatives re announced a call for Finance Minister Bill Morneau’s resignation Thursday, a day after he revealed he had recently repaid over $41,000 in travel charges to WE Charity.

The Conservatives said Morneau broke the law when he accepted $41,366 in travel expenses covered by WE Charity during private trips he and his family took to Kenya and Ecuador in 2017.

“When we have the minister of finance accepting illegal travel, … accepting a trip worth more than Canadians earn as an annual salary, sorry does not cut it,” Conservative MP Michael Barrett added.

The Poll is still open.

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